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Orion Stars is Going Web-Based!

We are very excited to announce that Orion Stars is going web-based!

What are web-based games?

Web-based games are games played using the internet. They are also referred to as "browser games." You will not have to download an app. You can play all Orion Stars games in your internet browser (Chrome, Safari, WebView, etc.). You'll never have to worry about installing updates ever again!

Benefits of web-based games

Some of the benefits we hope you notice with our new web-based games are:

  • Faster opening times

  • Better quality

  • Less hassle

  • Update free


Customer Support

​How can we help you? Simply fill out the form on our Contact page or for immediate help, start a chat with us here or on Facebook.

Interested in becoming a distributor? Let us know!


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