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What are Orion Stars games?

Orion Stars games are online skill-based games that you can play on any device. Most of our players use their mobile devices to play anywhere. Orion Stars offers Sweepstakes games, slots, keno, and, our most popular, fish games.

What are Fish Games?

Fish games are a category of games where the player virtually "fishes". Points are acquired by catching or shooting fish. Particular fish have a higher value and the player is awarded more points for those fish. The "fish" can be virtual fish or other objects that relate to that game's theme.

Here's an overview of some of the games we offer on Orion Stars.

Who is Orion Stars Players?

Orion Stars Players is an official distributor for Orion Stars Online. We serve the United States with 24/7 customer support. Message us on the website or Facebook messenger to set up an account.


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